Why build with Neuhaven?

There are many reasons to choose Neuhaven. Listed here are some of the more important distinguishing factors:

  1. Most competitive pricing in Lethbridge. Our cost structure often allows clients to gain equity as soon as we hand over the keys. If you overpay with another builder, equity is lost!
  2. Full time site supervision by a Journeyman Carpenter. Our site manager has 20 years of building experience and is the best in the industry.
  3. Technology. Our custom mobile APP is tailored specifically to each build. Look at real time schedules, budget reports, even make selections from your device!
  4. Constant communication. We take great pride in getting back to our clients in a quick manner. Often times clients wait mere minutes to get a reply from us.

Are the homes Neuhaven builds covered by warranty?

Absolutely! In addition to the 2/5/10 year Alberta New Home Warranty, Neuhaven provides a 2 year in-house warranty which covers everything from doors that stick to drywall pops and cracks.

Who is the team at Neuhaven?

Our team consists of 3 highly qualified members.

Jeff Neufeld, President

After Graduating from the University of Lethbridge majoring in Economics, Jeff became a licensed contractor in 2006. For the past 10 years Jeff has been dedicated to offering his clients an unbelievable product at a competitive price. His goal is client satisfaction, 100% of the time!

Cam Feyter, Site Manager

Cam is a journeyman Carpenter by trade. His 20 years of construction experience building homes is directly reflected in how Neuhaven operates. Cam is extremely organized, great with clients, and driven by quality of the product. Our builds are on time, clean, and most importantly top quality.

Miranda Neufeld, REALTOR®/Designer

Miranda graduated from College with a degree in Fashion and Design. Her 9 + years at Re/Max has benefitted Neuhaven immensely. Miranda has her finger on the pulse of new design trends, market values, and highly sought after neighborhoods and home design. She often works alongside our custom clients to offer direction and ideas if necessary.

Ok, Neuhaven is our choice to build our home. What are the next steps?

Congratulations! You made an excellent choice.  Here are the steps we like to follow when building a custom home:

  1. Talk to a mortgage broker. He/She will give you some preliminary information on how much of a home you can afford, interest rates, and deposit requirements.
  2. Contact Neuhaven. After having your budget numbers somewhat finalized with the broker we can direct you in lot choice and build size to fit your budget.
  3. Pick your lot or area to build on. This is very important to do in order. Many times clients come to us with this beautiful house plan but are unable to find a lot to accommodate the build size.
  4. Design the home to suit your lot/land choice. This is the fun part! We will put you in touch with some of the best designers in the city to make your visions a reality!
  5. Dig some dirt! Ok, we have the lot and plans finalized. It’s now time to let Neuhaven build that dream home!

Please tell us more about Neuhaven’s cost structure.

This is the biggest advantage we have over our competition. There are several ways you can structure a price with your builder.

The first way is called Quoted Value. You would give your plans to the builder and have them quote out the project, in turn you would then receive a quoted amount with certain items budgeted (cabinets, flooring, lighting, etc). The problem with this structure is that no costs are disclosed with the client. How do you know what value you are getting for the price? Something to think about.

Second structure is Cost Plus – No Disclosure. This is very similar to Quoted Value. The main difference is that the price seems to be Cost Plus a certain percentage that the builder adds for profit. But again, as with quoted value, the clients will never see the actual costs or invoices if you will. And yet again, is it really cost plus in the end?

The final structure, and one that Neuhaven adheres to, is the Cost Plus – Full Disclosure structure. Seems too good to be true, right? Well it’s not. We show our clients every invoice on the job, from $0.99 to $50,000. They get to see, firsthand, where their hard earned money is going. We provide monthly expense reports with scanned images of invoices; no hiding, no gouging, no discrepancies. Granted, we may not prosper as much per job as others, but Neuhaven does not align itself on a per job basis. It is our biggest advantage over the competition for a reason, clients see REAL value in their homes.