Building Process

Building a home does not have to be a bad experience.  With preparation and knowledge comes satisfaction.

Step One

DREAM. This is such a great first step.  The time is now to start dreaming of, well, your dream home. Read through magazines, download the apps, ask friends, post on facebook, and even PIN IT!! How big should the rooms be, do I want a jacuzzi or a bubble tub? Hmmmm that walk-in closet is too small!! There is a plethora of information out there.  Take the time and enjoy the planning, it truly is one of the best aspects of building your home.

Step Two

IMPLEMENTATION.  Ok, so now you have a rough idea of such things as; square footage size, kitchen layouts, kids rooms, theater room, whether or not the basement will be developed, maybe you even have paint colors picked out!! Now is the time to meet with NEUHAVEN and implement the plan.  We now work with you and a designer to produce blueprints, obtain permits, and schedule the start date.  Things happen fast at this stage so hold on!!

Step Three

ACTION. This is where all your dreams start becoming a reality.  The planning, the arguing (it will happen, but it’s worth it!!), the crying, the laughing………it is all these things that make building a house such an awesome experience.  The absolute joy on people’s faces when they see their home being built, it is what keeps our drive for excellence going.

The relationship does not end the minute we turn over the keys.
We pride ourselves in maintaining a healthy relationship, both on and off the work site.