Lethbridge’s Custom Home Builder

Neuhaven Developments Inc. was established on one core principle, customer satisfaction.  I am Jeff Neufeld, President of Neuhaven Developments Inc.  I would like to give you a brief background on why I started this company.

Founded in 2005 and then incorporated in 2007, Neuhaven Developments started as a custom home renovation company.  Renovating homes, in my opinion, was the best way to learn the business inside and out.  We have seen everything in the building industry; from no insulation in walls and attics, to hockey sticks used in lieu of studs, to electrical work that was truly shocking.  It was these experiences that helped us become a top quality custom home builder.  I, as President, vowed to never let quality fall by the wayside, even if it meant losing money.

We take home building very serious. Clients are depending on us to build the best possible home based on their needs.

For the past several years Neuhaven has worked on every single project, from framing to drywall to roofing.  We needed to be well versed in every facet of the building process.  It is my belief, that to build a custom home, you must know how everything is tied together. Knowing the business, makes selling our services to clients that much easier.

During Neuhaven’s infancy I would always ask people what their experience was like building a home. It was astonishing to hear some of the stories.  Now I know minor hiccups can occur during the build process, this was not my concern.  My concern was for the mutual respect lost between builder and client, without this respect there cannot exist a good relationship.  We take home building very serious.  Clients are depending on us to build the best possible home based on their needs.

Neuhaven Developments prides itself on three company objectives; scheduling, budgets, and pricing. Our scheduling is second to none. We have in place, a superb program to ensure timely delivery of products and organization of sub-contractors.  It may be rhetoric, but time is money.  Neuhaven has spent countless money on the industries best cost estimating programs.  Clients demand things on time and on budget, and rightfully so. Our overall cost estimation record is 2.5 to 4% of total costs, industry average is 8 to 12%. Neuhaven has in place a pricing structure that saves people thousands of dollars. I apologize but we need to safeguard this information, it is reserved for past and prospective clients. We can tell you that it saves people on average $8000.


“With the excellent quality and attention to detail, it makes us very proud of our new home.”

– Lynch Family

“Newhaven Developments was an amazing company to work with. They showed that they wanted the best for us and our home from the beginning and always went the extra mile to make our dream home a reality. Both Jeff and Cam as well as the trades made the whole process fun and exciting. Thank you! We love our home!”

– J. Stickel

“We highly recommend Neuhaven Developments! Jeff and Cam were excellent to deal with throughout all stages of construction – and continue to keep in touch even after the house is done. We absolutely love our new home!”

– B. Hastings

“Jeff and Cam came highly recommended and they did not disappoint. They built us a custom home and made it as stress free as possible. They offered sound advice, an incredible price and outstanding work by their trades. We won’t need to build another home, but if we did, Neuhaven would do it for us.”

– K. Collis